Monday, April 4, 2011

Healing HIV/AIDS With The pH Diet

The following is an unsolicited testimony from Eduardo Blanco April 1 at 6:40am Report

I've been healing myself of HIV with Dr. Young's PH miracle diet. I'm following the program and believing that this is the only way forward for me as I have tried many other alternative treatments and so far none made as such speedy recovery as the PH diet.

I truly appreciate all the knowledge passed from Dr Young and hope to be a success story that he one day will be interested to look upon.
In the meantime I understand that is too risky to even get involved but not to worry I'm used to work alone in finding my own truth and solutions.

However if for any reason Dr. Young becomes interested in my story and my blog I'd be extremely grateful, for his program is right now my only medical and scientific support that keeps me in the believe that I can heal myself.

Thank you for your attention

Here is the link to my blogs just in case you'd like to have a look.

In Love & Light

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