Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Found The Fountain of Youth!

I Have Found the Fountain of Youth
Dr. Young
, I see you online and never attempted to contact you here previously, but I wanted to say a BIG thanks for helping me to save my life. I'm sooo healthy now. Here's my before and after pictures. http://www.day-traders.com/Youth.htm
I now live in the Philippines, drink about 6 coconuts everyday and thrive on a living plant based diet. Here's a video I shot this past weekend with my girl. It's only two minutes of still pics. Hope you enjoy it.

This is Me
8 Months Ago
August 2008

My Picture Today - April 2009

This Change Took Four Months!

How I Did It:

Drink the Water from 7-10 Green Coconuts every day!
No Dairy Products!
No Pork, Chicken or Beef!
No Animal Products Whatsoever!
Get Rid of Your Stove! No More Cooking!
Eat 5+ large servings of Raw Veggies Each Day!
Eat 3+ servings of Fruits Each Day!
Do Not Eat Bread or any Bread Products!
No Grains! That includes Rice!!
No Coffee or Tea! Drink Spring Water and Coconut Water Only!
Do Not Drink Any Fruit Juices... Has too much sugar and creates a high glycemic reaction and insulin surge.
Sugar makes YOU old! Stay away from overly-riped fruit. Death is sweet, including your Body!
Stay Away from Reverse Osmosis Water! It Dehydrates You! Most bottled water is RO water.
Drink One Tablespoon of Virgin Coconut Oil 4x Each Day!
Exercise! Need to sweat 30+ minutes each day to cleanse the pores and eliminate toxins by increased circulation.
Apply Virgin Coconut Oil to face, arms, legs each day and get some Sun!
A minimum of 15 minutes, up to one hour of direct Sunshine everyday!!
Do Not Scrub the Face with anything Abrasive.
Beware of Skin Care Products!! Do Not put any chemicals on your skin. Rule of thumb: If you don't drink it, don't put it on your skin. Whatever you put on your skin also ends up in your blood stream.

More Pictures Below

This is me 8 Months Ago:
(August 2008)

This is me 4 Months Ago:
(December 2008)

This is me 2 Months Ago:
(February 2009)

This is me Today:
(April 2009)

And Still Getting Younger!

My Chronological Age is 43
My Biological Age is Currently 34
My Goal is 29

You Can Reverse Aging!
-Alkalize Yourself-

September 2010

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