Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Cat Survived An Infection without Medical Intervention

The following is an unsolicited testimony from Marisa Blumenfeld and
her cat using pHour salts to fight an infection while giving birth to kittens.

Marisa Blumenfeld April 23 at 10:09am Report

Just a little story if you have time. My cat had a kitten two weeks ago. I left the house and she was fine, walking around purring.. in labor and well. When I came back five hours later... I found her dragging herself around unable to use one of her back legs... I looked, and for whatever reason (possibly one of the dogs snipped at her ?? she got to close to their food? never happened before) she had a deep 1 inch cut on her belly??? Believe it or not, she was still happy to see me, and purred as I stroked her... I decided to sew her up. she let me?? maybe she had so much 'adrenaline' from the labor... but I put three loose stitches. about 1/8 of an inch apart. that night about six hours later, her labor resumed and she had two more kittens, her wound bled a little more from the inside.
I put your pHour salts in her water...Her wound was infected.. and she was bleeding on the inside still... I only stitched the skin.. I think she had torn muscle as well. On the second day I made her a soap/ cabbage leaf poultice (Alkaline!). She looked bad and had no use of her leg. I did this for two nights... and then had to go away. I left her lots of food and water, and hoped for the best....

It's been ten days... I got home last night and found her on my bed! With three fat kittens... She had full use of her leg, as if nothing had happened. Her wound is clean and almost all healed. infection free. One of the stitches broke... and air got into the wound.. I think that helped as well

Oh yes, she is no longer on my bed lol..

Don't think she would have healed so well with vet intervention... Couldn't have afforded it anyways. Thanks Dr Young... Without what I'd learned from you.. she would not have lived. Thanks...

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