Monday, May 16, 2011

Antibiotic, Probiotics and Enzymatic Supplementation Is A Rotting Ideology!

Intestinal bacterium and fungi are like parasites - they feed on your energy and eliminate their acidic wastes or enzymatic juices inside you leaving you sick and tired.

There is NO such thing as good bacteria or good fungi/yeast. They are the remnants of what use to be healthy organized plant, animal or human m
atter. They are the evidence of a sick body, a sick mind and a sick spirit. Bacteria, yeast, mold, algae, mushrooms and their waste products called enzymes are born in us and from us.

Does the pool of water need bacteria, yeast or algae to stay pure, clean and healthy? And yet these organisms are found in stagnant putrefying water. They are found at the end stage of what use to be healthy organized plant, animal and human matter and now born out of decaying, putrefying, and rotting matter in their own enzymatic acidic waste products or urine.

Bacteria, yeast, mold and algae are the symptom of decaying matter NOT the cause of that decay. The idea of ingesting these biological transformations comes from a sick polluted gut/mind.

Enzymes are the waste products or urine from decaying matter. All antibiotics are enzymes derived from decaying or rotting matter. For example, penicillin is an acidic waste product or enzyme from the yeast penicillium. When you ingest any antibotic you are ingesting an acidic waste product of fermentation. It is a poison. It is an acid. And it will compromise the delicate pH balance of the gut, the blood and the tissues which are all alkaline.

You don't get old you mold. You rot. You decay. You become the very bacteria, yeast, fungi, algae and mold you are creating with your acidic lifestyle and diet - which includes the ingestion of morbid acidic matter and their acidic enzymatic waste products.

And the medical and health care world calls the ingestion of these morbid transformations and their acidic waste products called enzymes, nutrition!

The key to true health and fitness is to understand that the body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. When you maintain the alkaline design of the body with an alkaline lifestyle and diet you will achieve extraordinary health and fitness. You become free from all sickness and disease.

There is NO other way to achieve this state of physical being.

There is only one sickness, one disease and one prevention or treatment.

The one sickness and disease is the over-acidification of the gut, blood and tissues due to an inverted way of living, eating and thinking.

And there is only one prevention or one way to maintain and achieve true health, energy, vitality and fitness - an alkaline lifestyle and diet I call the pH Miracle - The diet for immortality!

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