Sunday, May 29, 2011

Live A pH Miracle Lifestyle

Hey friends. Jeanie & I just returned from  boring do nothin but workin out  vacation, eating/drinking good, no stress from law office, almost forgot how  great it felt to be in great shape. Decided to attempt to defy age a bit so I'm  back on 2 workouts per day before & after work & feeling like the good old days.  I encourage all of you to do same thing! Only have 1 body & life is way too  short! Workin on getting into fighting shape again this morning so I can start  training again whether police or others, martial arts or just civilian hand to  hand combat. See me smiling!? 
Please consider Attacking me cuz I need the practice! I share this with you because when I see you next it will encourage me  to keep my published word & you will hold me responsible as I would you if you  asked. Would love to work out with any of you anytime. I may have a couple law  enforcement training opportunities coming up & can't wait to work again with my  real Brothers & Sisters in law enforcement - my family! I wish & encourage you  all to first & foremost live each day to make this a little bit better world  when you leave it, to better prioritize your lives (Jesus 1st, Family 2nd,  everything else 3rd), to maintain an Alkaline lifestyle (see rather than an Acidic one, to exercise daily & to stay  positive & happy.  
There are some important people I left out given the  limitations in this phone so sorry. Keep your word, do the right thing, smile &  believe in the Lord. Hope to see you soon & really, feel free to attack me, at  your peril of course, but also feel free to harass me & help me stay on track.  That's what friends do. 
Remember those who have died protecting us & have a  great weekend. God Bless & dust off your workout gear & just start even if  slowly or maybe I'll just "attack" you :-) 
Peace & Love! 

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