Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Use of Antibiotics, Probiotics and Enzymes Are Harmful to the Body

The micrographs below show oxidative/mycotoxic stress due to the use of probiotics, antibiotics and digestive enzymes.

The patterns seen in the dried coagulated blood or white polymerized protein pools are also indicative to a pre-cancerous condition of the small and/or large bowel.

The ideal pH of the small bowel is 8.4 free of ALL bacteria. The ideal pH of the large bowel is 7.4 free from all toxic acids, bacteria and yeast.

The use of antibiotics, probiotics and enzymes is based upon an old theory of digestion. The so-called digestive system is now correctly defined as the "alkalizing buffering system" with the ideology that food digests from the inside out once the membranes of the food have been broken with the teeth via mastication.

The mouth secrets alkaline compounds to buffer the enzymes or acids from the food during mastication and the stomach's primary purpose is to alkalize the food ingested NOT digest the food ingested.

The pancreas and the gallbladder along with other glands such as the pylorus glands secret sodium bicarbonate on the food ingested to begin up the pH to 8.4 in preparation of that food chyme to be transformed into stem cells. This biological transformation of the liquid alkalized food ttakes place in the crypts of the small intestine.

The large intestine main purpose is to adsorb and absorb alkalizing minerals and water back into the blood and then eliminate acid residues as solid or liquid waste.

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