Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Type I Diabetic OFF INSULIN!

The following email letter epresses what can happen for ANY Type I diabetic when they follow The pH Miracle Lifestyle. They get off their insulin injections.

To learn more about preventing and reversing Type I and Type II diabetes read our book, The pH Miracle for Diabetes.

Hi Dr. Young,

I'm one of your microscopists, I came to the advanced class a couple of years ago.. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I had a client come to me about 9 months or so ago, she brought her 9 year old daughter who had just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I felt in over my head, but I worked with her as best I could, giving her free blood sessions and instructions and supporting her as she got her daughter on the pH MIRACLE diet. She also spoke with the mother of the 2 boys you helped become Type I diabetes free who also gave her some good support and instruction.

Within a week of being on a strict pH Miracle alkaline diet she had already cut her insulin in half and then some, so she was very encouraged and very determined. And fortunately her daughter was also very compliant. And to compound things, mom was in very poor financial straights but somehow managed to make it work.

Anyway, she moved to Texas about 5 months ago and she just contacted me this week to tell me her daughter has been off insulin for 4 months now!!! Another pH miracle for Diabetes.

Loving your Magnesium articles.

Angela Lesle

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