Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Thought You Would Like To Know - The pH Miracle Lifestyle Works!

From: "Wayne" <wgrigsby@hrtc.net>
Date: September 17, 2011 4:39:46 PM GMT-08:00
To: "pHMiracle Center Customer Service" <info@phmiracleliving.com>
Subject: I thought you would like to know

As the subject line notes, I want to testify. My son made me aware of your web site and a new way of living around December or January sometime. They had been on the plan you suggest and where having good results. But I thought not another new fad diet and whished them well but I told them It’s not for me. I’m sixty seven and I’ve really been on them all. Form good old Weight Watchers to living on a Liquid Diet that was 800 cal. a day for ten months' straight, or eating nothing but protein and many more.
I was 406 pounds at that this time and was taking seventeen prescriptions drugs and five or six supplements which was suggested by my Doctor when my son who is twenty one years younger then me started following me down the path of Doctor’s and pills for the same things as me, lost weight and got off all the medications he was on, he finally got my attention.
I started reading at your site and others, began making changes in my eating habits about February , I’m still not 100% on the plan. I still smoke, drink decaffeinated coffee, Starbucks frozen mocha and a Big Mac attack and so on, every week to ten day’s or so but it’s getting to be less and less.
Now more to the point, I’ve lost close to a hundred pounds, stopped all medications and supplements and feel better than I have in a very long time. I’m retired and on a fixed income, so If I’m going to spend the money I was on the Doctors and medicine's, I would rather spend that money on myself, good food, new clothes and so on. I haven’t spent much money at your site, I’m sorry but I have bought and read several of you and your wife’s books thru Amozon. When I tell other’s about your web site I tell them that there is a lot of good information and products and that they can spend from $0 to as much as they want and get good results.
I believe I was circling the drain the first of this year. My son told me recently that he had been worried about me back then and had noticed that my eyes and skin where starting to get “that” yellow look to them.
Well, I know when a person is trying to help that it’s easy to feel like good old John crying out in the wilderness. I thought I’d let you know you have been heard. Along with this my Doctor that has seen all of the progress ask me to lend him your books to read and I know of one young lady that was put on a alkaline diet for a problem she was having by a different Doctor in the area.
Thankfully yours,
Wayne Grigsby

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