Thursday, October 13, 2011

Epigenetic, Radiations, and Environmental Cancers

The epigenetic is a new approach of the genetics, it is a discovery which will completely upset not only the understanding of our genes, but also the apprehension of many pathologies currently considered to be in exponential growth. Under the epigenetic term are defined and gathered mainly all the modifications of the expression of our genes generated by the influence of the environmental polluting factors which are often closely related to our lifestyle: this looks like a scientific revolution.

The complete file of Wikipedia concerning the epigenetic [U.K.] states: [Fr version] “... The epimutations are much more frequent than the traditional changes of the DNA... the epigenetic phenomena covers the paramutations, the gene extinction, the Inactivation of the X chromosome, the position effect, the reprogramming, the regulation of the histone modifications and the heterochromatin. They are among others implied in the evolution of cancers, teratogenesis”.

Until now, there was an immutably admitted thesis about the association of the certainties of biology and genetics; Epigenetics disrupts all these certainties about the notion of balance, it is not a gene change, but a change in its expression following an upheaval of its balance. In other words, it is proven today that medical pathologies such as environmental cancers originate in imbalances (mutations) resulting from perennial actions of multiple pollutants. Nowadays, even if the environmental polluting factors causing epigenetic modifications were not all listed, the main and new contributor is the irradiation by the artificial Electromagnetic Fields High frequencies microwaves.

Until now it was admitted that the few tens of thousands of genes which we are carrying and which “code” our individual characteristics were definitively fixed with our birth, except mutations in certain specific cases which could lead to medical pathologies. Nevertheless, it was noted that the uncontrolled multiplication by a permanent “over addition” in our environment of artificial radiations HF microwaves of strong energy values raises now many questions about the balance of our ...genes evolving in a radiative bath!.

A positive side can be the medical application of a specific epigenetic effect [U.K.] can be salutary on the modification of a gene of a pathology and causes the cure of patients, it is a great hope.

The result which follows from the discovery of epigenetic is very clear; our environment does not only directly influence our health, which we had always known, but it does also influence our genes by causing expression mutations which can generate pathologies such as cancers. This is a major new information.

In other words, those who allow to themselves by many stratagems to pollute (irradiate) us are thus in part directly responsible for our cancers. Some can be named; they are the giants of the industry of mobile telecommunications with their secure incomes they take part in the financings of the scientific studies, even directly scientists in conflict of interest who agree to skew the results. In the same way, the armada of the lobbying acts in many different ways in order to balance or to destroy the evidence and make continue the obnoxious system. And if that is not sufficient, they will bait themselves by all means to hammer out the discredit of the scientists independent from the BioInitiative report by an endless replication of the positive scientific studies to incline the scales towards the wished side so that the politicians can say: “The scientific literature shows that there is no sufficient proof of harmful effects according to the current protective standards”. Moreover, with the absence of basic training, most doctors are completely ignorant and have no idea of the impact of the artificial EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) on people.

Unfortunately, unlike the air pollution, Electrosmog cannot be seen, which made worse its dangerousness and complicated the spread of information. Nevertheless, things are changing facing facts.

The discovery of the epigenetic which questions the admitted thesis about the genetics and the causes able to

modify genes, is one of the major elements which should contribute to a complete change in the data of the

approach on the origin of the currently noted explosion of environmental cancers.

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