Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dr Young Loves Apples!

I love apples. I love their crunch. I love their texture. I love their sweet taste. And, I love apples because they are a whole raw organic food. My Mother put an apple in my lunch sack for school. I have only fond memories of apples.

What I do not love about apples is they cause the blood to hypercoagulate or stick together causing oxygen deprivation and circulation problems to the extremeties. The sugars in apples are in excess of their alkalizing minerals causing blood and tissue acidosis contributing to all sickness and disease. The sugars in apples will cause paralysis of the white blood cells for over five hours. The sugars in apples will cause a depressed person to become more depressed. An anemic person to become more anemic. A fat person to gain more weight. A thin person to lose more weight. A cancerous person to become more cancerous. A person with osteoarthritis or porosis to experience more pain and to lose more calcium ions into the blood to maintain the delicate alkaline pH of the blood plasma and other body fluids.

I rarely eat apples and only if I am seriously hungry and when there is nothing else to eat that is raw or natural.

All of my patients are taken off all sweet fruit, including apples.

Apples do not build stem cells and therfore do not build blood or tissues.

The old adage, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' is a scientific myth. An apple a day keeps the doctor in buisness.

I am sure you are thinking that my statements are extreme. But I disagree! Cancer is extreme! Osteoporosis is extreme! Immune deficiencies are extremes! Diabetes is extreme!

All sugars are metabolic waste products! They are the exhaust from energy consumption. The body runs on electrons NOT sugar. The brain runs on electrons NOT sugar. It does not matter the source of sugar - all sugars are toxic just like cocaine is toxic. They both will make you high and they both will cause paralysis, sickness, disease and premature death.

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