Sunday, February 19, 2012

Four Important Features of Alkaline Ionized Water

1) Smaller Cluster Size

Motility improves when the molecular cluster is smaller. Small clusters make it easier to dissolute and excrete waste matter within the body. This fact is important because excess waste matter is the reason for aging and disease. Alkaline ionized water has small clusters with high motility and dissolute, so you excrete waste matter from the body rapidly.

2) Abundant active mineral

Minerals are also called inorganic matter or mineral matter. There are many kinds of minerals. They are found in animals and vegetables, food and water. These minerals smoothen our living activities and maintain a balance.

  • Mineral absorption - Activated form of minerals are much better absorbed in the body.

3) Good restoration

  • Controls saprogenic bacteria in organs and increases beneficial bacteria.
    Tto prevent dis-ease. Alkaline ionized water is the only water that can restore health to the intestinal villi and prevent the build-up of so-called beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Eliminates active oxygen
    Active oxygen is oxygen that easily bonds or combines with surrounding substances. Active oxygen is unstable and therefore has with fewer electrons. The active oxygen possesses higher oxidizing power, and is related directly to aging and disease.

4) Abundant hexagonal water

Water molecules consist of 13 ~ 15 molecules. Hexagonal water, water clustered with 6 water molecules, is the most stable and natural to the human body. One human body cell molecule is connected to about 70,000, 60~65% of them are hexagonal water molecules. The body favors this kind of water. The cell that suffers with diseases has less hexagonal water.

  • Lower the temperature of water like iced water.
  • Electrolyze water with abundant mineral.
  • Go through magnetic treatment.

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