Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Primary Site of Blood Production is in the Crypts of the Small Intestine

Life and death begins in the root system of the small intestines where stem cells and blood are created out of the liquid alkaline food ingested.

It is in the crypts of the small intestine where the liquid chyme is transformed into stem cells and then erythroblasts and then erythrocyctes. This new blood is taken up into the portal vien and then to the inferior vena cava directly to the heart to be transferred to the lungs for oxygenation and then back to the heart to be distributed through general circualtion.

When you have damage t
o the intestinal villi or roots of your small intestine you cannot make enough healthy blood and this is when you begin to expierence symptoms of dis-ease. On the average the small intestines will make 3 miillion red blood cells per second. The quality of these red blood cells made in the crypts of the small intestine will determine the quality of health of the body cells.

All cells of the body are made from blood. Therefore the quality of the body cells are determined by the quality of the blood and the quality of the blood is determined by what we eat and what we drink. Or in otherwords, healthy blood equals healthy bones, muscles, nervouse system, lungs, liver, heart, etc.

When we damage the intestinal villi through an aciic lifestyle and diet the body will begin making red blood cells out of body cells. I call this reverse transformation when body starts making red blood cells from bone marrow, liver cells, etc.

The main cause for underweight, especially in Type I diabetics is damage to the intestinal villi and the body producing red blood cells out of body cells. To builld a strong body with strong bones and strong muscles and strong
glands and organs one must build healthy red blood cells in the core or small intestines NOT the liver or bones.

Building the quality and quantity of red blood cells can only be done with alkaline liquid gt
green food with a pH of at least 8.4,

Over the pasr 25 years I have been researching the lifestyle and diet that will build healthy red blood cells and in turn build healthy body cells. The diet I have found that builds healthy blood is live green low sugar alkaline fruit, vegetables and polyunsaturated oils.

The higher the chlorophyll and good oils in the diet from green foods, green drinks and polyunsaturated oils from flax, hemp and borage seed, the healthier the red blood cells and the healthier the body cells, tissues and organs.

That is why I have stated that there is only two blood types, hea
lthy and unhealthy and the lifestyle and diet that is designed to build healthy red blood cells is the pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

The pictures below show the healthy and unhealthy state of the intestinal villi. This is where life begins and where core stem cells and red blood cells are born!

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