Friday, March 2, 2012

The Growing Acidity of Our Oceans is a Threat to ALL Life on Earth!

The growing acidity in our ocean waters is a threat to mankind and will wipe out coral and many species of fish and other sea life if nothing is done soon.

Extra carbon dioxide in the air caused by the burning of fossil fuels is not only spurring climate change, but is making the oceans more acidic and endangering the marine life that helps to remove carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere.

Marine scientists have become so alarmed that special briefings have been held for goverment departments. Carol Turley, head of science at Plymouth Marine Laboratory in England, warnedof a "potentially gigantic" problem for the world.

"It is very urgent to warn people what is happening," she said. "Many of the species we rely on to eat, like cod, will disappear. In cartoon form, you could say people should prepare to change their tastes from cod and chips to jellyfish and chips. The whole composition of life in the oceans will change."

Jerry Blackford, another of the authors of a paper presented to a climate change conference in Exeter, England, has modeled the effect on the oceans. He said: "Some scientists are saying that in 35 years all the coral reefs in the world could be dead - it could be less or more. Put it this way, my children may never get the opportunity to go snorkeling on a living reef. Certainly, my grandchildren won't."

Although the phenomenon is caused by the excess acidity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it is not a "global warming" problem. It is more serious then that!

A simple chemical reaction between the acidic air and the alkaline sea starts the chemical and electrical attraction. With the sea being alkaline and the air being acidic, it pulls the carbon dioxide into its watery body causing an acidic decline in the pH and the potential death of the oceans! The oceans of the world are becoming cancerous!

Carbon dioxide mixed with water produces carbonic acid making the oceans more and more acidic and increasingly sick. For example, it takes thirty parts of alkalinity in the form of sodium bicarbonate to buffer or neutralize one part or one molecule of carbonic acid in order to maintain a pH of 8.2 - the healthy pH of our oceans. Thus, the chemistry to buffer carbonic acid in the oceans is a thirty to one ratio. This means thatit is going to be virtually impossible to reverse this catastrophic situation unless we do something about decreasing the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere--and do it NOW!

Current scientists, like doctors, have not been looking at this potential problem because they have assumed the chemical composition of the sea is constant just like our blood pH. This is not case for the oceans or our blood. The oceans and our blood are constantly trying to maintain their alkalinity at the expense of the coral for the ocean and the bones for our blood.

Scientist are just now seeing the huge problem with the oceans becoming more and more acidic. They are beginning to see that our oceans are beginning to die.

And when the oceans begin to die, we begin to die - risking human extinction!

The oceans vital role in limiting carbon dioxide levels in theair is now being reassessed by scientists aroung the world. Plankton are as important as plants and trees in the take-up of carbon dioxide.

We estimate that about half the 800 billion tons of carbondioxide put into the atmoshere by mankind since the startof the industrial revolution has been soaked up by the sea.

Much of the carbon dioxide poison is fixed in the shells of creatures called coccolithphores, the tiny plankton whose bodies make up the white cliffs of Dover in England. They live on the ocean surface in trillions and when they die, their shells sink to the bottom of the ocean taking the carbon dioxide with them. They could not survive in a more acidic sea and their removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere would stop. These creatures are part of the survival of the human race. The oceans give us a sustainable atmosphere by taking out the carbon dioxide.

They are the lungs of the planet. People have not awakened to the potential impact that their removal will cause! The acidity of any liquid is measured on the pH scalefrom 1 to 14, with 7 being the midpoint. The higherthe number, the more alkaline. The oceans have previously been recorded at an 8.2 pH reading which is approximately 10 times more alkaline then human or animal blood. But the concern here is that the oceans pH has now dropped to a pH of 8.1 and is continuing to fall.

The sea around Britain has been found to be more acidic than many other areas, partly because of ocean currents, but mainly because Europe and North America are the largest polluters of carbon dioxide! Experiments show that even a small increase in ocean acidity reduces the ability of shellfish and plankton to grow and the population to fall. The loss of coral would seriously affect small islands and coastal regions.

The fundamental problem is the effect on the food chain. Zooplankton, essential food for fish, could suffer increasing mortality rates and starfish, whelks and other shellfish, eaten by cod, might perish. This might lead to a population explosion of other creatures such as jellyfish, crabs, shrimp and lobsters which rely on chitin rather than sodium transformed to calcium for their shells.

The growing acidity of the ocean is highly distrubing to me, personally, because I believe that the human race is only as healthy as our oceans--just as the human cell is only as healthy as the alkaline water in which it is bathed. This problem is at the foundation of global warming as a symptom of our acidic oceans.

I appeal to you to share this email with everyone youknow, love, or care about. It is a matter of life and death of the planet and for you. It will take many sacrifices such as limiting the amount of time we drive our cars or fly on airplanes. But we all need to be aware of the problem and begin doing something about it.

A healthy life is all about the water, and the health of any animal or human is determined by maintaining the purity and akalinity of that water - first from without (our earthly oceans) and then from within (our bodily oceans).

On March 8th, the pH Miracle Center will be releasingour pH Miracle Water. This water is a structured alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 and an electrical potential of -250mV. This water is a natural spring water that containsover 87 trace minerals necessary to sustain life.

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