Monday, March 19, 2012

Thermography Shows The Damaging Effects of Cell Phone Radiation!

Thank you, Dr. Young for educating people about the link between Cell Phone Usage and Cancer. Researchers have debated whether another, more long-term danger of cell phone usage lurks: brain cancer. Cell phones, like other electronic devices, emit a certain level of radiation. The radiation is “non-ionizing”, meaning it does not strip atoms and molecules from the tissue and alter chemical reactions in the body like ionizing radiation, or X-Rays. Radiation from cell phones comes from the transmitter, and is emitted through the antenna. Both parts are located near the top, or where a person places a cell phone to the ear in order to hear. With the help of Medical Diagnostic Thermography you can have a visual proof how damaging cell phone radiation to your body. Call Dr. Young office to have your Full Body Medical Diagnostic Thermography and Diagnostic Ultrasound.
Knowledge is Power.
Dr. Galina Migalko

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