Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Coagulated Blood Is An Expression of Health of The Whole Body

The following picture is a micrograph of hypercoagulated blood I refer to as a blood print.

The layer or drop of blood has been sliced off of a drop of capillary blood from the index finger.

Each layer of blood or blood print is an expression of the whole body and specific to that individuals health and well-being.

You will notice a round white hole in the center of the blood print. This round white hole is polymerized protein from the breakdown tissues of the reproductive organs as in a male prostate or a female uterus.

You will also notice several smaller round and irregular shaped white polymerized protein pools surrounding the large white protein pool. This pattern is indicative of a congestive bowel, bowel irritation and inflammation and a pre-cancerous or cancer colon.

Over the years I have consistently documented these specific patterns that indicate a pre-cancerous or cancerous condition of the reproductive organs and/or bowels as confirmed by traditional blood tests and radiology.

I call this blood type of blood observation, The Mycotoxic Oxidative Lifestyle and Dietary Blood Screening. It is 100 percent accurate and will withstand any objective scientific investigation, inquiry and/or review.

It also represents a scientific breakthrough in non-invasive preventative health care observation, test or screening of the blood and health and well-being of the whole body and its twelve individual body systems.

I made my first observations of blood patterns in the coagulated blood print over 30 years ago and have documented these patterns in over 500,000 blood samples, in over 40,000 clients, in 27 different countries. This would make me the number one self-proclaimed world expert in blood clotting pattern research.

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