Monday, May 2, 2011

Feeling Gives Rise To Emotion

All thoughts require energy and when you use energy to have a thought of any kind you produce acidic waste products. If you want to reduce acidity then you have to stop thinking. That is why mediation or going to NO thought is so healing. As per fear - I have suggested that fear is the opposite of faith which stands for the First Attribute IN Thinking Healthy. Faith is a power when exercised miracles can happen. I personally believe in the power of faith and have seen it work in a positive healing way. As per your comment on emotions. Emotions are dictated by feelings. Emotion is the energy behind the feeling. Love is a feeling NOT an emotion. An emotion is energy in motion such as showing or expressing anger when your feelings are hurt. But what is the emotion or the energy in motion that is expressing love? I would suggest that an alkalizing lifestyle and diet would be the correct emotion for the true feeling of love for self and others.

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