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Nice Bathroom Design Ideas for your New House

If you're planning a brand new design or a model new structure on your bathroom in your home in Lancashire, there should not absolutely fastened guidelines and adaptability is the key. It all depends on your necessities and preferences.

Nice Bathroom Design Ideas

Nice Bathroom Design Ideas

Nice Bathroom Design Ideas

Nice Bathroom Design Ideas

Nice Bathroom Design Ideas

Nice Bathroom Design Ideas

However, listed beneath are a few suggestions and tips supplied right here that will offer you some very helpful recommendations on how it's finest to plan about the design of your rest room and what needs to be carried out to make your rest room excellent and methods to get the ultimate rest room design in Lancashire to swimsuit your requirements.

The most important thing you will need to do in the course of is that you have to notice down the entities you necessarily need to have in your bathroom. Consider all the mandatory issues within the bathroom like bathtub tub, wash basin, bathe and bathroom seat that have to be primarily included in your lavatory suite.

As the second step to get rest room design in Lancashire to fit your necessities, you should resolve on the positioning of the lavatory entities similar to a toilet cupboard, a chair/stool, a medicine chest, a laundry basket, a mirror, an electrical shaver, a power point, an extractor fan and the shelves. If in any case these things, you proceed to have enough space left, then you can resolve the positioning of the gentle above the bathroom mirror or a further cupboard space. Subsequent, you will need to measure the scale of the lavatory after which draw the design of the bathroom on a plain drawing paper and care ought to be taken to grantee that everything is drawn to scale such that there are not any additional problems. Now that you have got drawn the design of the map on the drawing paper, you need to now draw the positions of the bathroom fixtures such as the drains, electrical factors, extractor vents, fans pipes or water shops on it. Additionally, draw the present fixture of the bathroom after which you're going to get a concept of what is to be removed and what is to be added.

Additionally, contemplating the plumbing system of the toilet fixtures and making sure of the brand new association being in settlement with the plumbing system of the toilet will easily allow you to get rest room design in Lancashire to suit your requirements. The drainage and the waste water disposal system are also to be taken nicely into account. These are some really essential things which are often ignored by even essentially the most comprehensible individuals and cast their darkish shadows later in the stage when they cause problems.

Additionally think and determine of whether or not it will be a full lavatory or a half bathroom. If the home windows of the toilet are often not large enough to filter out the steam and the water vapor that arises throughout some sizzling showers, then it's essential to definitely look for completely different methods to make your lavatory devoid of the moisture and vapors. A simple exhaust follower is the answer for this serious problem of moisture. You probably have received a large lavatory space in your house in Lancashire, and then you may have a spa - like luxurious room if you wish.  You could as well look upon the images of the bogs and its themes and decide the very best. Discover out extra information at.

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Senate committee approves $2,500 federal tax credit for electric two-wheelers

zero motorcycle

Last week, the Senate Finance Committee approved a federal tax credit worth 10 percent of the price of electric bikes and motorcycles, up to a maximum of $2,500. If the bill passes, it would end an existing electric vehicle tax credit for golf carts that can't be taken on public highways, unlike electric bikes. The committee approved the amendment by a voice vote as part of a broader package of tax measures after a debate over whether e-bikes are worth it. Creating more U.S. jobs, and not losing them overseas, was cited as a reason for supporting it. E-bikes are very big in China about 25 million of them were sold there last year, compared to less than 100,000 in the United States.

Major car and motorcycle makers are considering entering the e-bike market in the U.S. As for now, three smaller companies have been selling bikes and bringing in investors: Brammo, BRD, and Zero Motorcycles. Last month, Brammo Inc. closed the first $13 million of a $45 million funding round, and has other financial backers.

Some analysts think federal tax credits are critical for building up sales volume and ramping up production volumes, bringing down retail prices long term. Plug-in passenger vehicles have a tax credit worth up to $7,500, depending on the size of the battery. The Chevy Volt can get a $7,500 credit, but the Toyota Prius Plug-In only earns $2,500.
Via: Senate committee approves $2,500 federal tax credit for electric two-wheelers

Two guys keep rescuing a Jeep Wrangler in new Discovery show

For the right kind of person, this sounds like an awesome adventure with a Jeep Wrangler. For everyone else, it probably sounds like hell.

Discovery has teamed up with former British special forces soldier Gary Humphrey and self-proclaimed gearhead Gary Bill Wu, and sent them into a remote peak in the Chilean volcanoes. Also heading into the wilderness? A used Jeep Wrangler, airlifted to another location in their general vicinity. Their job? Track down the TJ and use it to get home. What could go wrong?

The show is called "One Car Too Far," and is a five-part series, chronicling the pair's escape from the mountainous region of Chile. The duo encounters the full breadth of Chilean terrain, including alpine tundra, deserts, and humid subtropical regions. Oh, and they have just three days to ge t out and back to civilization!

The show starts August 19th, at 9PM on Discovery. Scroll down below to check out a preview of "One Car Too Far" for yourself.
Via: Two guys keep rescuing a Jeep Wrangler in new Discovery show

Jay Leno shows off the BaT Falcon of his dreams

Jay Leno with his new 1963.5 Ford Falcon Sprint

Jay Leno owns all kinds of cars: Steam powered, 100-year-old electric and modern-day supercars. His legendary garage is teeming with millions of dollars of iron.

But his dream car has always been the 1963 1/2 Ford Falcon Sprint. So when he saw exactly the car on, he plunked down the $26,000 for the mint condition, seriously modified Falcon and sent a trailer.

This Falcon Sprint is built out exactly the way Leno says he would have built it. It has a 1965 289-cubic-inch small block under the hood with 360 horsepower and the battery in the trunk. It has a stiffened suspension, aftermarket wheels and a five-speed manual transmission (the original came with a four-speed). Leno, who says he regul arly reads BaT, released a video on his website, Jay Leno's Garage, of his Falcon find, taking the Mustang precursor for a ride around Southern California.

Check out Jay's video below. We particularly like how he shamelessly hugs his new Ford, which is likely going to live a very good life from here on out.
Via: Jay Leno shows off the BaT Falcon of his dreams

2013 Ford Fusion campaign will feature 'Idol's' Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest and Ford Fusion

Just when you thought you could get away from Ryan Seacrest...

The host of Fox's "American Idol" will be featured in an upcoming advertising campaign that will pitch the 2013 Ford Fusion.

Seacrest will help spearhead Ford's "Random Acts of Fusion," which will introduce the model to potential consumers across the country prior to its official debut. Ford will run the campaign through radio, broadcast, social media and Internet channels.

"Through this innovative approach, countless people will have an opportunity to take part in once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the Fusion before it even arrives in dealer showrooms," Ford said, and we're still trying to figure out exactly what that means, but that's the power of suggestion.
Ford has been an 'Idol' sponsor since Season 1 a decade ago, and its promos ever since have included providing the two 2008 finalists with new Ford Escape Hybrids, giving away an American Idol Edition Fusion Hybrid (complete with an in-car karaoke set-up) to a contest winner in 2009 and a 2010 promo that let Idol finalists design their own Ford Fiestas.

Last month marked the best May ever for the Fusion, which moved 26,857 units, up 8.9 percent from a year earlier. Through the first five months of the year, Ford sold more than 112,000 Fusions, making it Ford's second-most popular to its F-Series trucks.
Via: 2013 Ford Fusion campaign will feature 'Idol's' Ryan Seacrest

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible ad channels Buford T. Justice

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T commercial screencap

Sure, Jackie Gleason's perpetually frustrated Sheriff Buford T. Justice from Smokey and the Bandit wouldn't appear until seven years after this commercial for this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T convertible. But the tone and tenor is spot on, with a Southern officer explaining to a fellow policeman named Buford and the town judge how he's caught a "cute li'l gal no bigger than a minute" wheeling her "racing car" through town.

Dodge has so far resurrected the Challenger, Charger and (now SRT) Viper. If it would bring back commercials like these, we wouldn't complain about that either. Check it today's lesson in American history below.
Via: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible ad channels Buford T. Justice

Hand gesture controls coming to a car near you?

Microsoft Kinect

It looks as if the gesture-sensitive interface for the Cadillac Cue infotainment system is just the beginning of gesture integration in our vehicles. Wired reports that Microsoft is already investigating ways to incorporate technology lifted from its Xbox Kinect. Likewise, Harman has unveiled a new system that recognizes both hand and facial cues to control various cabin features. Drivers can reportedly use eye blinks to turn the stereo on, tilt their heads to turn up the volume and even tap the steering wheel to skip songs. Temperature adjustment gets taken care of by raising or lowering a hand above the gear shift, while pulling up a Bluetooth-connected phone is as simple as mimicking a phone with a hand.

How does it work? The system re lies on an infrared sensor to "watch" for certain gestures. When it sees them, it passes a signal to separate processor, which in turn handles the connected hardware.

That sounds all well and good, but as anyone who's stood cursing at a motion-activated faucet in an airport restroom can tell you, these systems aren't foolproof. Fortunately, Harman says it won't have anything ready for market until it's been thoroughly tested, which may be up to three years from now.
Via: Hand gesture controls coming to a car near you?
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